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French Courses

The curriculum for the French major includes courses on the language, literature, and cultures of the Francophone world.


As a French major, you will receive advanced training in French language in the four skills: understanding spoken French, speaking French, reading comprehension, and written communication. After completing FREN 201 and FREN 202 at the intermediate level, you will also take advanced grammar and composition in FREN 361 (offered each fall semester) and FREN 362 (offered each spring semester). We also offer FREN 460 - Advanced Composition and Stylistics, for students who wish to enhance their writing even more.


You will further develop your ability to read works of literature, learn to conduct textual analysis, and to write effectively in French. Courses designed to foster these competences are FREN 311, FREN 471, and FREN 472.


Cultural literary and knowledge about the history of France and the Francophone world prepare you both for advanced study in our program but also for participating fully in the world beyond the university.

Le monde francophone

Once you have attained a high level of competence in French, you will turn your attention to courses on specialized topics. You will have the opportunity to take courses on the literatures, cinema, and cultures of France, Belgium, Quebec, Acadia, Louisiana, the Antilles and Haïti, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Maghreb. We offer these courses on a rotating basis, and you should discuss your interests with your French professors and your advisor.

Minor area

If you select the French and Francophone concentration, you will choose your 18-credit minor based on your interests and in consultation with your advisor.