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Undergraduate Students with Prior Learning

If you are a current undergraduate student at UL, an incoming transfer student, a new student, or a dual enrollment student and are not a native speaker of the language, the following pathways are for you.

Prior College Credit

Students with college credit in the language should have their prior transcripts sent to the Registrar's Office so that the credits can be applied to their UL transcript. Once those credits are applied, then students are able to register for the next class in the sequence.

If you need to register for your language class before the transfer credit appears on your UL transcript, you may bring a copy of your prior transcript to the Department of Modern Languages so that we can issue a prerequisite override.

In the event that your college credit is below your actual proficiency level, you should make arrangements to take a Credit Exam to receive credit for the appropriate level. There is a fee to take the Credit Exam.

Credit for Prior Learning through Testing

College Board Advanced Placement

If you took the College Board Advanced Placement exam in high school, you should have your scores sent to UL and request that they be applied to your transcript.

AP score You will receive credit for:
3 101, 102, 201
4 101, 102, 201, 202
5 101, 102, 201, 202, 300-level grammar course

Other Testing

If you have taken any other test, please visit the Modern Languages Department and bring your documents so that we can help you.

HIgh School & Other Study

If you studied the language in high school or any other context, you should take the Placement Exam administered by the Department of Modern Languages.
The Placement Exam is offered during the first week of each regular semester: in Fall, we offer it the Monday, Wednesay, and Friday of the first week of classes, and in Spring, we offer it Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of the first week of classes. We also offer the Placement Exam during Early Orientation each May.


Incoming Modern Languages majors will have the opportunity to take the Placement Exam during their advising appointment during Orientation.