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Master's in French

Earn your Masters in French from UL, and be part of the only graduate program in the United States specifically in Francophone Studies where you'll study to study all the regions of la Francophonie individually and as a whole. With us, you'll deepen and expand your knowledge of French and Francophone literature and culture and perfect your French language skills, but you will also actively participate in the Francophone future of Louisiana.

The breadth and reach of the courses and approaches offered in the Masters program make the experience at UL unique. Our dynamic, innovative, and interdisciplinary program regularly provides courses on the literatures, cinema, and cultures of France, Belgium, Quebec, Acadia, Louisiana, the Antilles and Haïti, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Maghreb. The graduate program in Francophone Studies was the first in the United States to design courses on Louisiana Cajun and Creole languages, as well as courses on Belgian Francophone literature.

Students from all over the Francophone World come together at UL to explore the rich variety, hybridity, and créolisation of the global Francophonie using a variety of approaches: literary, linguistic, critical, ethnographic, cinematographic, historical, culture and folklore studies.

Holding a Master of Arts in French degree from UL opens doors to a remarkable variety of professional and educational possibilities, both in the U.S. and abroad.

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