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Masters in French Program Requirements

During your coursework for your M.A. in French at UL, you will have the opportunity to take a wide variety of courses covering all areas of the Francophone world and France.

All M.A. students must complete FREN 540 (Critique littéraire) during their first year or at its earliest offering. Additionally, all Graduate Assistants must complete FREN 501 (Préparation pédagogique) during their first year.

Students without significant preparation in French and Francophone civilization and history are encouraged to take FREN 421(G) - France and the Francophone World, during their first year.

The Graduate Coordinator will be your advisor during your Masters program. You will choose your courses based on your academic interests in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator. It is important to consider your comprehensive exams and the areas that you wish to study for the exams as you decide on your schedule for each semester. You cannot sit for an exam in area in which you have not previously completed a graduate course. You may not take an exam in an area in which you are currently taking a course unless you have already completed one in that area prior to your exam semester.