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Spanish Minor Requirements

The Spanish minor starts with Spanish 102, so Spanish 101 or its equivalent is a prerequisite. Spanish 102, 201 and 202 are required, as is Spanish 316 (advanced conversation). The remaining two courses may be chosen from any of the 300 and 400 level courses, but be aware that most students who take 400 level courses will have had four courses at the 300 level first. Talk to a faculty member in Spanish if you are unsure which elective to take, to make sure the content and level match your interests and skill levels as closely as possible.

Native speakers can minor in Spanish, but must complete the 18 hours beginning with Spanish 310. Again, talk to a faculty member in Spanish about course content: some native speakers may find Spanish 310 (composition) too basic and prefer to start at a higher level, whereas others may find it fits their needs.