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Arabic Scholarships Application

Members of the Lafayette community have generously donated to support Arabic Studies students at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. We will be granting at least four scholarships of $200-500 each.

The goal of these scholarships is to promote Arabic language learning, increase cultural understanding, and assist students in need. 

The Arabic Studies scholarships include:

  • The Balbeisi Family Scholarship
  • The Dr. Salama Scholarship 
  • The George and Nida Sfeir Scholarship


  • All UL Lafayette students who are sophomore, junior, and senior AND have officially declared Arabic Studies as a minor by the grant deadline.
  • Must have at least an overall GPA of 2.5

Priority will be given to new applicants.

Application Requirements

Applicants must complete all of the information in the online application form below before the deadline.
Application Opening Date: Nov. 10, 2022
Application Deadline: Nov. 25, 2022



Answer the following questions in the space provided.

Please respond to the following questions using 300-500 words total.

  • How do you foresee the Arabic Studies minor impacting your short-term and long-term personal or career goals?
  • Explain how a scholarship would be meaningful to you.
  • What Arab Studies extra curriculars are you involved in? What other university/community groups or community service are you involved in?