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The Department of Modern Languages at UL Lafayette offers the following degree programs:

• at the undergraduate level: B.A. in Modern Languages with a concentration in French, Spanish, or German, as well as minors in those three languages.
We also offer a range of courses in Latin, Arabic, and English for speakers of other languages (ESOL).

at the graduate levelM.A. in French (three tracks), Ph. D. in Francophone Studies.

The programs in French focus on France and the Francophone world, including Louisiana. The programs in Spanish focus strongly, although not exclusively, on Latin America. Many of our faculty are noted scholars in their fields and represent many areas of the Francophone and Hispanophone worlds.

Our faculty takes a strong, campus-wide interest in cross-disciplinary study. We work closely with colleagues in the Center for Acadian and Creole Folklore and in the Center for Cultural and Eco-Tourism, as well as in Anthropology, English, Film Studies, Folklore, History and Geography, Humanities, Latin American Studies, Music, and Women's Studies, and we regularly offer team-taught courses with colleagues in these disciplines.

Department Administration

Department Head and
German Language Coordinator
Dr. Caroline Huey

Administrative Assistant
Ms. Regina LaBiche
labiche@louisiana.edu, 337.482.6811

Graduate Coordinator
Amadou Ouédraogo
axo0149@louisiana.edu, 337.482.5440

Spanish Section Coordinator
Dr. Richard Winters
rxw1111@louisiana.edu, 337.482.5439

Teaching Assistant Supervisor and Language Resource Center Director
Dr. Tamara Lindner
thl1479@louisiana.edu, 337.482.5442

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