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Advanced Credit Exams

Advanced Credit Exams offer students the opportunity to earn credit for French, Spanish, and German courses in the Modern Languages.  There are no prerequisites for taking the Advanced Credit Exam.

Level Up!

This test is optional and will not affect your grades for any Modern Languages course. We strongly recommend that you take this test; it’s free, it generally doesn’t take more than 45 minutes, and it could give you credit for several courses, which will save you money! It also helps determine which class would suit your language skills, which makes you more likely to succeed.

Advanced Placement exams are scheduled at the beginning of every semester. These dates vary by semester, so please be sure to check the schedule at the Office of Orientation.

Fabrice Leroy, Le Bouquin de la bande dessinée

Professor Fabrice Leroy contributed two lengthy chapters to Le Bouquin de la bande dessinée: Dictionnaire esthétique et thématique, edited by Thierry Groensteen, the leading French expert on comics and graphic novels. Published by Robert Laffont Editions in Paris in collaboration with the Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée et de l'Image, this 928-page reference work contains in-depth essays from over 40 international scholars who examined a variety of comics-related notions, including historical movements, publishing trends, subgenres, aesthetic and formal devices, themes, and correlations with cultural history. Each entry of this volume is illustrated by an original drawing from renowned French cartoonist Lewis Trondheim. This publication is a flagship event of the French Ministry of Culture’s “Année de la Bande Dessinée,” which coordinates various museum and library exhibitions, as well as festivals across France, in a celebration of comics as an art form (January 2020-June 2021). Fabrice Leroy’s contributions to this volume are devoted to detective fiction (“Polar”) and to the depiction of everyday life in graphic novels (“Quotidien”).